Book Review: 21st Century Dead (Zombie Anthology)

Overall, 21st Century Dead like many other anthologies I’ve read turns out to be another mixed bag. Some stories are great, many of them are okay, and then there are some real stinkers in the pile. What this anthology does RIGHT is branch out from the classical zombie tales of George A. Romero or the current dominant property of The Walking Dead. It tinkers with the zombie genre to show how much more can be done with these creatures who are often used as cannon fodder. 21st Century Dead is a good book for this. If you are looking for more … Continue reading Book Review: 21st Century Dead (Zombie Anthology)

The Ups and Downs of Moderating

It’s been nearly 11 months since my last “Writing Corner” update and I think it’s about time to start updating my website again on the regular. I know I posted a few stories and narrations this year but it wasn’t nearly enough in my eyes to justify continuing to keep a website. I actually considered deleting IT but decided against it only because I’ve put ALOT  of work into it already and I would be dumb to remove it only to have to bring it in the future. Since I’m not going to delete his, I am going to damned … Continue reading The Ups and Downs of Moderating