Bryan Smith’s 68 Kill Part 2 Book Review

  Bryan Smith follows up 68 Kill with Chip about a month after his escape from Tennessee hiding away in a seedy hotel in Florida. Having stayed out of trouble for a little while, Chip is living peacefully until he is once again dragged into a world of chaos, violence, and depravity. Of course, as a staple of Smith’s writing, the chaos comes in the form of a woman who is incredibly beautiful but also happens to be insane. Chip goes from tranquil existence to evading the police, encountering redneck psychos in the wild, and having to get his hands … Continue reading Bryan Smith’s 68 Kill Part 2 Book Review

Amazon Author Page Not much in the way of a real blog post but I’m proud to finally be listed on Amazon as an author. Well, technically, I’m the editor of Horror d’Oeuvres but if I’m not mistaken later on this year I’ll have more titles listed where I am an author. Jack-of-all-trades! Honestly, I know this isn’t much but its the first step of a million more toward making the dream come true. In today’s world, putting your work out there isn’t that difficult, trust me, I learned it from watching YouTube videos, reading KDP tutorials, and basically bashing my face … Continue reading Amazon Author Page

Comprehensive List of Human Gravy Stories and General Updates

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog. For that, I apologize. I’m horrible with social media updates and blogging but I do have a good excuse for it. For the past six to seven months, I’ve been busy getting two books off the ground. One is currently going by the code name “SSSBook” and lots of people know about it. Myself and a few of the moderators from /r/ShortScaryStories gathered a bunch of talented authors together. They’ve submitted stories for the book and once its published all the proceeds will be donated to a charity determined by … Continue reading Comprehensive List of Human Gravy Stories and General Updates