Book Review for “The Promises We Make in December” by T.W. Grim

John is a successful author, but unfortunately, after many years of alcoholism, he is dying. However, he has one last horrifying tale to tell. The Promises We Make in December is a gritty coming-of-age story in which John recounts the terrible events of his childhood growing up with his mother in dire circumstances after losing his father in a fatal accident.

Then one day a seedy man named Dan comes into the picture and changes their lives forever. Their money issues are resolved. John’s mother seems happier. However, John isn’t too thrilled with the situation. It quickly becomes clear that Dan’s affairs are not legal. Dan’s associates are intrusive, demeaning, and downright dangerous.

The Promises We Make in December is a short, tension-filled, and captivating story by T.W. Grim. This novella isn’t the typical offering from Grim. The horror isn’t set in violence or in the supernatural. The tension and dread come from the constant threat John and his mother are subjected to. There is an element of unpredictability throughout the novella which feels like it could explode at any minute. This is conveyed masterfully in the character’s behavior and in the narrative. 

Overall, I’d suggest The Promises We Make in December if you are searching for a quick read which will leave you feeling unsettled throughout.

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