A One Star Review for the Honeymoon Suite

When we booked the honeymoon suite, we made it crystal clear we wanted our privacy respected above all else. Of course, a few minutes after check-in, someone is already pounding at our door! It was loud enough to startle us as we unpacked our luggage.

Assuming it was housekeeping or a timeshare salesman, I was ready to yell at them for their ineptitude. However, someone must have realized their mistake and recalled the representative before I answered the door because no one was at the door.

The shenanigans didn’t end there!

After going out to a nice dinner at McGulligan’s, we returned to find our room had been ransacked!

We called the police, and the brief investigation yielded no results. There were no signs of forced entry. Hotel management provided a record of the electronic room lock. It showed no one had unlocked our room between the hours of our departure to and from dinner.

After the unpleasantness of collecting our belongings and the ruckus the police caused, we decided to cut our honeymoon short. We demanded our money back, and the hotel manager compiled with our request. He offered a room for the night, free of charge, should we prefer to leave in the morning. After a day of traveling, we were exhausted and decided to accept their offer.

You’d think our troubles would have ended there, right?


We were escorted to a part of the hotel which looked as if it was undergoing renovations. Going right to bed, we were immediately assaulted by the smell of rotten eggs.

A testament to how thin the walls are! We could smell our neighbor’s bowel movements!

If this wasn’t enough to test the patience of a saint, our neighbors were having a party!

Their door slammed repeatedly throughout the night. We heard them laughing and conversing all night. It reached the point of silliness, and I decided to go give them a piece of my mind.

I pounded on their door, and no one answered. I demanded they be quiet and it must have done the trick. We didn’t hear a peep from them the rest of the night. It was like the room immediately cleared out and everyone left at once.

The following morning at checkout, the hotel manager apologized again for the security breach. He offered us a free week at the hotel as compensation for our troubles. We declined the offer citing the thin walls, the horrid stench, and the unruly neighbors.

The hotel manager’s face filled with confusion and then immediately went pale. He checked our room number, dialed a number on the phone, and asked whoever was on the other end to check if there was anyone in the room next to ours.

Clearly, management here is incompetent. Either they were unaware of the occupants in the room next to ours, or another security breach had occurred. I mean, come on, how many can you have within twenty-four hours?

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