When The Stars Fall by T.W. Grim Book Review


When The Stars Fall by T.W. Grim is a masterful novel about the darker side of human nature when confronted with inevitable doom. Mark, our protagonist (but truly an anti-hero) is thrust into an unthinkable situation while at work at his plant. A truck crashes through the front gate, and its driver is carrying an alien parasite capable of overtaking its host and shape-shifting into nightmarish creatures. This sets off a chain of events involving government conspiracies and results in the confinement of various strong personalities within the plant under threat of immediate execution if they attempt to escape.

This novel is a dark, cynical, and brutal exploration of what overwhelming tension and the breakdown of order does to the psychological conditions of co-workers who couldn’t stand to be around each other in the first place. Groups are formed. People try to establish themselves as leaders. Territories are set, and then there are those who are left to fend for themselves against the overwhelming odds of falling victim to the government soldiers waiting outside, the parasitic alien in search for human hosts, or their mentally deranged co-workers. This non-stop horror thriller will keep readers on the edge of their seats as the strong consume the weak, tempers flair and unthinkable acts of violence and murder consume everyone in its wake.

As a long time fan of his work, T.W. Grim outdid himself with this novel. I’ve come to regard him as one of the best indie horror authors around and believe this novel can stand right alongside the work of any mid-tier horror author being traditionally published today. If you don’t believe me, buy this novel and find out how wrong you are.

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