Bryan Smith’s 68 Kill Part 2 Book Review



Bryan Smith follows up 68 Kill with Chip about a month after his escape from Tennessee hiding away in a seedy hotel in Florida. Having stayed out of trouble for a little while, Chip is living peacefully until he is once again dragged into a world of chaos, violence, and depravity. Of course, as a staple of Smith’s writing, the chaos comes in the form of a woman who is incredibly beautiful but also happens to be insane. Chip goes from tranquil existence to evading the police, encountering redneck psychos in the wild, and having to get his hands dirty in a number of strange and interesting situations.

Coming into 68 Kill Part 2, knowing how the story progression in 68 Kill Part 1 went, I didn’t find this reading experience as jarring as the first novel. Part 1 felt like it was a bit unconnected and scattered and like Smith was grasping at straws attempting to make everything come together. Part 2 felt much more plotted out and tighter.

Compared with previous Bryan Smith books I’ve read, this one is a bit tame but still touches upon those extreme horror roots Smith is known for. Once again, there is no real “antagonist” in the novel. Chip goes from place to place stumbling upon terrible situations and navigating his way out in one piece. Even so, this book doesn’t fail to delivery on the entertainment factor. Each chapter leaves you wondering where the plot is heading, who or what will be the next obstacle, or whether or not the beautiful woman with Chip at the moment is either going to try to kill him and steal his money or if there is a genuine connection between them. There’s always something dark and dangerous behind every corner.

Overall, 68 Kill Part 2 is an excellent sequel and improves upon the weaknesses of the original story.

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