X-Files: The Truth is Out There Book Review

X-Files: The Truth is Out There is the 2nd volume in the anthology series edited by Johnathan Maberry. Much like Vol. 1, it follows the same Monster-of-the-Week scheme as the television show. The stories range in tone from the serious to the comedic with a couple in the mix which fell flat. Sporting an impressive line-up of authors, The Truth is Out There expands upon the X-Files in new and interesting ways.

Among my favorites in the anthology are:

Mummiya by Greg Cox, in which Mulder and Scully must uncover the mystery behind a mummified corpse being found recently murdered at a crime scene.

Phase Shift by Bev Vincent involved a family stuck inside their home due to a force field trapping them inside. This one was fun yet twisted.

Pilot by David Liss was absolutely delightful and fun. Easily my favorite of the anthology. Mulder and Scully find themselves receiving photographs of moments in time where they could not possibly be filmed. A young man seems to have the answers but they aren’t exactly what they were expecting.

Snowman by Sarah Stegall is a story where John Doggett and Mulder team up to search for a missing squad of soldiers in the mountains. Of course, they’ll encounter strange and terrifying things!

In Voice of Experience by Rachel Caine, Mulder runs into an ex-girlfriend who is happily married, expecting a first child, and seems to have moved on with her life. All is well until she is discovered dead in her garage in an apparent suicide. Mulder and Scully embark on a mission to find out why this woman with everything going for her suddenly decides to end it all.

XXX by Glenn Greenberg has Mulder and Scully out in Los Angeles on the set of a porno film. Mulder gets to meet one of his favorite actresses who happens to have been co-starring in films where her leading man ends up dying due to their head’s exploding.

Overall, this selection of stories is right on par with Vol. 1 and certainly gives the reader the impression of getting extra episodes written by some popular authors in a variety of genres.

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