Tricks of the Trade

Like many startups, I used what was available to me and bootstrapped my way into success. Each luxury item I sold netted me a big chunk of change. The only problem in dealing with my type of luxury items is that once you run out of inventory, it’s indefinite.

Now, please understand, I’m not a greedy man. I was satisfied with the money I’d made in my brief business career. I paid off my mortgage, put aside money for my son’s college tuition, and parked the rest under the mattress for a cloudy day. Yet, I couldn’t help but wanting to continue to be involved in the business.

It took me almost a whole year before I decided to replenish my inventory.

I found him begging in the street for change. I took him dinner and I got to know him extensively. No family, no friends, no one would miss him.

Society as a whole saw the man as a worthless bum.

I, on the other hand, saw the man as the sum of all his parts.

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