Semi-Charmed Life (90’s Challenge)

Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life

The 90’s Challenge is simple. Write a story inspired by a song from the 90’s.

I feel that Semi-Charmed Life’s pop-rockish sound and catchy chorus masks the very dark lyrics in the song. That’s why my story has something of a duality to it between the different planes of existence the main character interacts with.

My focus goes to the water spot on the ceiling and I spread my legs. My dealer and his friend’s do their thing. When our transaction is complete, I get my reward. The euphoria that comes when I push the needle into my vein is worth the disgust. I close my eyes and slip away…

Someone kissed me awake. He was a handsome devil, to say the least. The man thought I was his wife. Before I could protest, the door burst open and two children came running into our arms. They called me Mommy! They’re laughing and smiling while snuggling between us. I held them close, unable to understand what was happening. The warmth of their love brought me to tears. The rest of the day was spent playing games outside in the snow, huddled by the fire place, and drinking hot chocolate. By the time we finished, I was exhausted. In bed, my husband told me he loved me and kissed me deeply before turning over to sleep. I slipped away too…

There’s a water spot on the ceiling. It’s cold, I’m shaking, and I’m alone. I feel sick. I need another hit. I tear apart the den until I find the stash poorly hidden behind the refrigerator. I put the needle into my vein again and again until the stash is finished. I crawled back to the filthy mattress, closed my eyes, slipping away once again…

When the door slams open, I jump to my feet awaiting a beating from the dealer. Instead, I am hugged by my husband and children.

I never saw the water spot again.

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