The Dragon’s Gift

This is my first attempt at a Fantasy genre story. Please go easy on me. A Song of Ice and Fire series and 1 viewing of each of the Lord of the Rings (1st trilogy) movies is my experience with fantasy. Hope I did okay.


“State your business”, the Dragon hissed at the intruders in his lair.

“Dragon, the King has ordered your execution for the theft of his cattle,” the Warrior responded pointing his sword at the dragon. The rest of the group followed suit readying their weapons and starting their incantations.

“Is that so?” the Dragon asked exposing row upon row of teeth that seemed as sharp as razors. It snorted a stream of fire from its nostrils, clearing its nasal passage of the fiery build up. The King’s men cowered behind their Wizard conjuring a wall of ice to protect them.

“Prepare to die, foul beast!” the Bard shouted from behind the ice wall. With a strum of his harp, the Song of Pacifying Beasts filled the sulfurous air and assaulted the Dragon’s ears.

The Dragon spewed forth fire from his nose and mouth as the cave shook while it roared with uncontrollable laughter.

“Your Bard is quite a jester,” the Dragon bellowed attempting to control itself again. “I have not laughed as hard in centuries. For this, I shall spare your lives. Fill your pockets with gold to settle my debt to your King. With this gold, I am longer a thief, therefore my punishment is unjustified. My new friends, please take some gold for yours troubles as well. It was a long trek to my lair, I imagine. And for sparing my life, I will bestow you with my greatest treasure,” the Dragon offered.

The Dragon slithered its elongated neck bringing its enormous head down near a basin and filled it with the tears that streamed down from its eyes.

“As a token of my undying loyalty to your King, please present his majesty with my tears. A single drop will grant eternal life. Spread them amongst your strongest warriors and be never afraid of the grave,” the Dragon commanded. The adventurers discussed the Dragon’s offer amongst them and concluded that the King would be satisfied with the Dragon’s offerings.

With pockets lined full of gold and jewels, the adventurers left the Dragon’s Lair and did as the Dragon said. The Dragon still cackled with laugher as the adventurers descended the mountain and headed back to their kingdom.

When presented with the bounty of riches, the King was overjoyed and the promise of eternal life, he forgave the Dragon for his crime against the kingdom.

One hundred years later, the Dragon was awoken once more to the sound of horses, footsteps, and voices climbing the mountain back to his lair. At the head of the charge were the adventurers and their King. Upon entering the Dragon’s Lair, the King stepped forward and bent the knee to the mighty beast before him.

“Dragon, my kingdom pleas for your generosity once more and requests a word of your wisdom in our time of great distress,” the King said.

“Of course your majesty, please arise from your feet. A king bows to no one,” the Dragon thundered with a slight chuckle at the end of its words.

“Your gift of immortality, while appreciated and treasured, has left my kingdom in ruins. Millions starve, fall ill to disease, and live in such great agony, but do not perish. Men, women, and children wail like banshees in the towns and villages, with pain that only the mercy of the grave can relieve. Please reverse this curse!” the King pleaded.

“My king, there is no need to beg. I am at your command!” the Dragon bellowed. Tears escaped the King’s eyes as relief over came him. His kingdom would be cleansed of its troubles and he would finally pass the throne down to the Prince, already in his 90th year of life.

The Dragon arose from its prone position to its feet and roared what appeared to be words into the distance. Moments passed before the fluttering of wings could be heard in the distance. Seven whelps no larger than a cottage appeared and landed near the parent dragon.

“The fire of their bellies shall cleanse the plague upon your Kingdom. And worry not, my children and I have not supped in centuries.”

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