The 10% Solution

The enemy hid among us waiting for the right moment to strike. Their campaign of slaughter began December 13th, 2023 with “The Shattering”. The name came from the start of the invasion being marked by the explosion of all reflective surfaces on Earth at the same time, with the exception of water. What followed was a simultaneous assault across the planet. The enemy of humanity had emerged, the Lefties.

Moments after the Shattering, the world collapsed into chaos. Millions of men, women, and children were slaughtered in their sleep or gazing upon faces they recognized, but eyes that showed no mercy. Reports flooded the air waves of people being attacked by clones of themselves and family members. The clones assumed the identity of their counterparts only to murder friends and family causing mistrust among loved ones.

It wasn’t until three months after the Shattering that reports of victory in China, Unified Korea, and Japan emerged to the dismay and revulsion of the world. It was the Chinese that discovered a method to distinguish friend from foe.

The term “Leftie” was born from the discovery that the majority of the doppelgangers were left handed. Attempts to use their right hand would result in bouts of uncontrollable, violent rage. In one hundred experiments, the doppelganger was right handed only ten times while the Original was a left handed person.

It came down to mathematics and cold blooded murderer. With 90% of the non-doppelganger population being right handed, the Chinese military was commanded to execute all left-handed people without question.

It was called the “The 10% Solution” and the rest of the world would follow in their paces.

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