New Year, New Goals

Greetings and Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in the Writing Corner. In all honesty, I haven’t been writing much since winning NaNoWriMo. After I finished writing the novel, I didn’t feel much like writing anything else for a long time. I don’t think I’ve ever felt burned out from writing until the end of the November. December was a relatively quiet month for me as well. I posted one story called The Moirai right around the time of my birthday which was well received but otherwise I was quiet the rest of the month despite wanting to get down to work. I took the month off from writing and focused more on my reading which I admit that I’ve been falling behind on.

During this time off from writing I read three books written or featuring some of my fellow Reddit authors whom did a wonderful job with their efforts. I suggest checking them out. They’re really very good.

The Laws of Nature: A Collection of Short Stories of Horror, Anxiety, Tragedy, and Loss by Ashley Franz Holzmann (/u/AsForClass)

Dark Anonymous Confessions by Vincent V. Cava

Daylight Dims Vol. 2 by Various Writers.

Next on my list are:

Daylight Dims Vol. 1 which I’m 90% almost finished reading and it’s really incredible as well.

Tripping Over Twilight by T.W. Grim, author of 99 Brief Scenes from the End of the World which is still one of my favorite books to date.

With the holidays done and over with, after my long break, and now that everything seems like it’s going back to normal, the desire to write again is stronger than ever. It seems like the perfect time to work on my own short story collection for self-publication. But fear not, I will still be posting on /r/ShortScaryStories to keep myself from falling out of favor with my own stories and /r/NoSleep for the stories that don’t make the final cut to the “Human Gravy Collection”. I hope to have this finished by March 1st, edited and re-written by April 1st, and published by June 1st. It’s a tentative timeline but I need to have deadlines and structure as NaNoWriMo has most definitely taught me.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been posting a lot of YouTube narrations of my stories to the blog page. I post them because every time I find them, I feel this mixed bag of positive emotions. I’m surprised, honored, and extremely happy that someone would take the time out of their day to narrate my story because they enjoyed it and would think an audience would like to hear it being told to them. I appreciate them for retelling my stories in that audio format especially since YouTube provides the number of views of each page and it makes me smile from ear to ear to see some stories reaching audiences of 65,000, 10,000, 9,000, 3,000 viewers that I never would have reached only posting to Reddit and my blog.

As far as looking back to 2014, I can say that it was a great year for me but I hope to make it even bigger and better in 2015. This writing stuff is pretty fun. I think I’ll keep doing it…

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