The Moirai (The Fates)

“The American Dream” is alive and continues to allow people opportunities for success, prosperity, and upward mobility.

Take my three very successful aunts, for example. Each of them has owned their business from before I was born.

Nana, my youngest and most beautiful aunt, owns a very successful matchmaking company. You wouldn’t believe the clientele she works with. Her database contains celebrities, presidents, and even friends and family. One day, while I was messing around with her computer, I saw that my boyfriend, Alex, and best friend, Christina, were in her database. I matched them together to see their compatibility and clicked on the confirm button. The next day, Alex left me for Christina. They now have a sweet baby boy together named Dylan.

Denisa, my second eldest and most intelligent aunt, owns a life insurance company. With a startling degree of accuracy, Denisa could determine the length of time a person would live from birth to death with only a few factors like environment, family, and finances. It’s an overly complicated equation but Denisa is never wrong. Nana and Denisa must share databases because I found Alex, Christina, and Dylan on there too.

Marta, my eldest and my favorite aunt, owns an international collection of textile mills. When I emailed her about Alex and Christina, she said she would help make everything alright. The following day, I received a package with a shear, a letter, and three rolls of thread labeled: Alex, Christina, and Dylan.

After reading the letter, I snipped the three threads from the rolls and laughed when I realized why Denisa’s life expectancy assessment for the family was so low.

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