Writing Corner #1: Advice and Wisdom from a Nobody

Welcome to the 1st Edition of the Writing Corner of the Deepest Area of the Depths. When I first created this section, I thought I would fill it with advice and wisdom but I kinda realized as I attempted over and over again to write a post worthy of a first post,  that I don’t have any advice that hasn’t already been given. My wisdom isn’t wisdom because wisdom comes through experience, and I’m still a beginner. I’m basically a nobody with a blog and a Facebook page asking for the attention of the world because I feel I have something unique to offer it. Me and every other little snowflake wannabe author out there too. In the future I hope I am worthy of my readers taking the time to read my stories and hopefully leave feeling a little more uncomfortable about their lives. I’m not writing motivational, happy stuff here, I’m out to scare you and make you question your existence in this reality. And if I have failed in the goal, well, I’m still a beginner and will always be a beginner. The day I stop improving and learning is the day that I die.

My only promise to my readers for the time being is that I will continue to work at this every single day. I promise to continue to bash the keys into the word processing program because I want to be better for you. I promise to continue bashing my head into my desk because I cannot come up with an idea. I promise that through practice, I will get better at what I want to do. If the first 100,000-200,000 words are garbage, I need to keep working. That’s what I have to offer the world at this point.


One thought on “Writing Corner #1: Advice and Wisdom from a Nobody

  1. I feel your pain brother. Everybody’s a nobody until they’re somebody.

    Keep on keeping on with the great stuff – let the scares continue! (oh and don’t bash too hard).


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