Wrong Roads Anthology Now Available!

As we drive through America, we are often lured to venture from the familiar and into the unknown.This collection encourages you to do the same. To ride alongside your favorite horror authors as they take you on a trip you will never forget. There is no turning back. From new legends to old familiar haunts, the stories held within this tome will make you question whether anywhere is safe. Over 30 authors have crafted the most authentic and horrifying representation of each state. Not a single dark road will be left untraveled. You will never want to leave home again. … Continue reading Wrong Roads Anthology Now Available!

Horror d’Oeuvres Vol. 2 – It Came from the Snack Bar!

Here we go again! The terrifying tales contained within this tome certainly do not fit within the realm of the ordinary set of courses. In our previous anthology, Bite-Sized Tales of Terror, we set the table with micro and flash fiction stories, which we established were the hors-d’oeuvres of the literary realm. It Came From the Snack Bar! is an expansion to the menu. We’ve removed the claustrophobic word count limit and allowed the chefs to have their way in the kitchen. While the stories remain short, none are sweet. Each tale packs its own flavorful punch, ensuring these stories … Continue reading Horror d’Oeuvres Vol. 2 – It Came from the Snack Bar!